Saturday, January 10, 2009

CES 09'. Part 2.

In the future People.... things are going to be very thin. Shockingly thin.

Biggest trend at the show. Rockband. Still!

A few weeks ago I asked the question if 3D was in or out. Here. Now, I don't know if this is where the industry is going - but I know a lot of companies are putting a hell of a lot of effort into it. These are just the ones I got - and I know there was a bunch more.

In the future - things will be very hard to photograph. Between 3D t.v. and holographic everything. Can stereo cameras be far behind?

These were holographic bathroom tiles.

Images displayed on a windshield.

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  1. Sarge wants to get Rock band for our Wii, because we have the right amount of players in our family.

    Uuuu...we can't even play Tennis. I don't think the Rock Band thing is gonna work so much.