Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bass Ass Cars - January edition.

Settle down People. If you've been reading the blog long enough you know these car posts come in phases. Though I question how you can really love this blog if you aren't slightly amused by my car shots. At least I try to get you unusual stuff.

Like a Bugatti Veyron. Ooooh. Worth the price of admission in itself.

The news just said these run 1.6 mil People. One...point...six.

This is some electric concept car.

Viper hood. I'm sure you've seen a viper before, but I think this hood is new.

Chrysler seems oddly fascinated with these cars that you can't tell if its coming or going. Remember they had one last year. Here.

Hard top Solstice.


  1. Ooh, is that last one a Bentley? Also? Are there really people who will pay 1.6 mil. for a car? *smacks self in forehead in frustration*

  2. Yes. Bentley. For the person who thinks that keeping your stainless steel dishwasher clean is a breeze. How could a whole hood be worse?

    I imagine people buy these things.

    Personally I'd strap security cams to every square inch. To find out who dinged my door, etc. Other people don't seem to have much anxiety about expensive cars.

    I once went to an event that was basically in the middle of a dirt gravel patch. When we were leaving we saw this super expensive porche. I think I still have pictures somewhere.