Sunday, January 25, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Fail

Last year, for my birthday, I got a Lenovo Tablet PC, with Windows Vista installed on it.   But running Vista sucks so hard that I eventually shelled out $60 bucks to downgrade from Vista back to Windows XP, and I've been happily running XP ever since.

I've been reading nice things about Windows 7 (successor to Vista),  how they'd fixed (or at least improved) the suckiness, so I thought I'd install the public beta, and try it out myself.   After going thru hours of installation, it finally got the "Welcome" screen, and prompted me to enter my Windows 7 Product key.   At this point I discovered that the neither the mouse nor the keyboard would respond to any input.   I'm stuck at the Welcome screen.

So, so far, Windows 7 is exactly as good as Windows Vista.

Update: It looks like someone has successfully done this on the same model Lenovo tablet as mine.  The one difference being he install the 64-bit version, where I installed the 32-bit version. 


  1. whatever they did with XP to keep it running is fine with me... I really don't want to get caught up in the vista / 7 void of computer limbo.

  2. Well, Keyser no intention of getting into that whole Mac/PC thing, but he's never heard of any OSX user having to "downgrade" to the old version because the new one sucks so hard. And to have to shell out money to "get away" from the OS that the brand-new computer comes with--!

    Seriously, if you're in Silicon Valley area, why has no one fragged Gates yet?

  3. Gates lives in Washington State, not California. Otherwise, POW! Right in the kisser!