Sunday, January 18, 2009


I always feel uncomfortable taking pictures inside theaters. But, its one of the places I love most to take shots. It makes me feel somewhat creepy though. In the dark fiddling around with a huge camera. Which is the only reason I can get shots in very little light. But. it isn't like you can be stealth in a movie theater.

Anyway. 3D movies. Not so much for me. I knew the movie would be bad. But, 3D movie technology doesn't seem to have moved that much. Which perplexed me. I've been seeing a lot of 3D stuff lately which I thought was pretty good. But, movies still - not so much.

The other thing is, I walked away with quite a bit of eye strain. I don't wear glasses, but I noticed it quite soon after leaving the movie. I also feel it today. A little like sand paper in my eyes.

Mr S. thinks my problems both might be related to infinite focus. 3D games seem to have them. 3D movies seem to not. Which is maybe why my eyes also feel strained. The things that were in focus, and not in focus - in the depth of field were really bothersome for my eyes.

Oh, and did you know you can buy movie tickets from a kiosk machine? It seems to be new in my area. Maybe ya'll already have this. The lines outside about 30 people deep. Movie kiosk? Almost empty.

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  1. We've had them awhile. Maybe that brand of movie theater just showed up?