Thursday, January 01, 2009

I will see you in 3D.

Readers! A few nights ago Mr S. and I were watching television and on came a commercial for My bloody Valentine. In 3D. This of course made me super excited. And I don't know why. Sure, they had Jaws in 3D when I was a kid. That was crap. Of course, I was poor - so I never saw the 3D version. But I still conclude it was crap because 3D went away for a very long time.

Anyway...I was so excited that I demanded Mr S. to get us tickets. Which was barely a demand, because what guy is gonna say no to 3D? Who?

It seems like 3D is trying to make a comeback. For the past year I've been noticing a confluence of companies poking their toes in the 3D water and I'm starting to wonder if they will be somewhat successful this time. I've seen some pretty rockin 3D stuff lately. It is hard to tell if it will be a gentle ripple, or a tidal wave. I still contend the glasses are the problem. But, maybe I'm wrong.

So.... 3D. In or out?


  1. Of course, you know we went to see Hannah Montana in 3D. It was ok, I give it a Meh. But that might have been content based. Journey to the Center of the Earth was pretty crap without the 3D. I think that was all that it had going for it.

    If you have good content plus well executed 3D, then I think you will be happy.

  2. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey did you ever see that walking with dinosaurs thing?

    Since this thing is horror - I'm guessing it won't be great content.

  3. We did see the dinos. She still talks about it today. There were only about 8 dinosaurs in a 1.5 hour show, but it was really interesting. The sets and props were fantastic.

    You know we've turned into a family of dino-geeks when watching Jurassic Park we yell at the screen: "You're not supposed to turn the eggs!"

    I'm predicting excessive blood spatter in 3-D.