Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm studying to be the nut-baggiest neighbor ever.

This weekend I'm going to be doing the important work of - garden prepping.

Yeah.. I'm that girl. You don't know me. Of course this will be the most expensive garden on the planet. Way more expensive than what you'd pay at swanky Whole Foods, or the local farmers market.

Some people grow their own food to save money. That isn't going to be how it works here at the Snarkolepsy house. You see, there are many lessons I've learned during this economic down turn. One of them is - California truly and deeply is a desert. Which really has nothing to do with the economy. But, the concept truly sunk in during the down turn.

Growing up here, I felt we'd go for years without rain. Then - Bam. Rain so hard - it rips houses from hills and ruins everything in its path. Somehow I thought it might be this year. But no.

We've had so little rain the last few years that I let my backyard die last year. So - no garden. After all, my water bill shot up 100%. This year, I really want my garden. So I'm devising a plan to recover water from the street gutter. Which sounds even crazier in text, than when I proposed it to Mr S. Mostly as a joke. Mostly. Not just any water mind you. The neighbor 3 doors down on the other side of the street apparently must be filthy rich. And when he waters his lawn (which is truly a modern marvel of lushness) - a mini river flows from his house.

So - it is clean water. I should be able to steal his water right? After all - he and all his brethren is the reason my rates have spiked.

At any rate.. I'm probably not motivated enough to actually do it. But, I will fantasize about it all summer long as I pay ridiculously high water prices. Oh what I could do with a water pump. Just sayin'.


  1. Have you read this book?

    I bought it for my dad when he was first starting his new vegetable garden.

    There should be some way to capture that water....

  2. No. But, I've all but given up growing corn. The fence beavers (I mean squirrels) come in at the very last minute and cut them to the ground.

  3. I forgot to mention that we're doing the garden thing this summer. I'm a little bit worried about the moles we seem to have in abundance. Pretty much all root type vegetable is out. I'm sure it's going to be an interesting experiment.

  4. Oh! Moles. Good luck with all that. We had some at the other place. They seem to have gone away when we flooded their tunnels.

    So what are you growing? I know the toms aren't your thing so much.