Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strike a juxtapose.

To tell you the truth. Yesterday was sort of an odd day for content.

It started out at the trade show. Which I don't have pictures of. It was mostly lasers and boring stuff anyway. Except for the LED's that were pretty damn close to as bright as lasers. At one booth I refrained from staring at what I thought was a laser. I like my retinas. But, it turned out to be an LED bar. Impressive. It was also one of rare events where photography wasn't permitted. And no one was breaking the rules.

They did have a product at the show which I found pretty interesting. And paranoia inducing. I've been seeing this type of technology trying to take hold. Sadly, as I was attempting to find you an example of its awesomeness. When I ran across the worst product demo for it ever. Now my brain just won't let me look anymore. It's just too goofy.

Anyway. 3D Recognition technology is getting scary good. Like Lidar. Which this wasn't. But, it's so good it can even pick up a pattern on your shirt.

After the conference we wound up in Colma. We'd driven through there a while ago, and I vowed it would be a great place to take pictures if it ever rained. Since we've had a few days of rain - up we went. In the distance I saw this Best Buy sitting right next to a cemetery. It would have totally been a better picture if it was a Circuit Shitty. But I still like the idea of picking up an ipod in the so called after-world.

I was looking at this experience as art. I figured these places were pretty desolate except for the newly "checking in". But, I found it quite touching in a lot of ways. I was trying to get a picture of the Best Buy when I spotted this in the trash can. It was touching.

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  1. I clicked over to that demo, and all I have to say is WOW. That was bad.