Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Corporate America Needs to be Taken to the Middle of town and Beaten.

Yeah - it's an odd theme I have lately. Isn't it?

When the layoffs started happening in earnest, I began to feel bad for all my customer service hating ways. I felt bad so many people were loosing jobs. And still do. However, the last couple of days I have regressed in my pissedoffedness with companies. As painful as the process is - I'd hoped this huge tectonic shift in the economy would force companies to get back to the basics. CUSTOMERS. You know. The people who buy your shit, and pay your salaries.

But, what I've noticed recently is quite the opposite. Companies have become less efficient. Not more. It is like they woke up one day and said "oh shit, I'm a company and I have customers - but I have no idea how to get people to buy my stuff. People just used to come, and it didn't matter what kind of crappy shit I was selling, or how many times my sales people acted like morons. They had no choice, so they bought".

Customer- But here, I'm begging to buy some of your product. I'm practically throwing money at you.

Company - Meh. Maybe. How much pain do you want to go through to get it?

The other night I actually heard a company saying "we need to have a new thought process for the new marketplace". Or some such bullshit.

No! No you don't. This is what you need to know. Make your customers happy! Make it easy for customers to buy your product, and don't piss them off once they do. Quit giving us more of the stuff we don't want and less of the stuff we do. Create customer loyalty. So they stop company hopping. How hard is that?

And then, this gem from the biotech conference that happened recently. A reporter was asking what the plan for the biotech industry was. The person being interviewed actually said "make things that people actually will use".

No wonder we are in a recession.

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