Monday, January 26, 2009

Because it was there.


  1. Absolutely beautiful rainbow! Great photo. I like the old stationwagon too. Looks like early to mid 70s, maybe late 60s.

    Found you via :) I like your blog!


  2. What? You couldn't get Obama in the picture too?

  3. Oh - didn't you know. This is in the new stimulus program. I was sure you'd read about it. Normally you are completely on top of that. The top wage earners will be tasked with buying rainbows for those who pay no taxes.

    It is job creation People! And how can you complain? It is rainbows for christ sakes. You don't hate puppies and rainbows do you?

  4. Beautiful pic! It's so clear and bright. Did you enjoy the rain that made it possible?

  5. We only got a sprinkle that day. But, the couple days of rain we did get was amazing.

    I'm not much into rain, but we've been in drought so long that rain becomes somewhat of a physical need. To wash off the trees and scrub the air.