Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yesterday's traffic report.

I have so many posts to get out. Here at the snarkolepsy blog, it is either feast or famine. Right now - feast.

Anyway.... yesterday Mr S. talked me into going to the mall to visit T-Mobile. Even though we'd just spent all of Friday at the consumer electronics show. We'd gone by the T-Mobile booth, but we just didn't have time to play with the gphone. I was feeling pretty secure that the mall would be pretty empty, and thus agreed to go. Plus, I wanted cinnabuns.

As soon as we get on the freeway, I was pretty shocked. Traffic is way up - I said. Isn't this the worst depression since the 1940's? Mr S. replies - yes, in the 40's the freeways were packed too. As for me - I don't really care what the retailers are saying. When the freeways are packed, people are spending money.

We get to the mall we find a spot right up front. This is good - I thought. I have blisters from walking, and a lot of people makes for extra dodging. We walk into the mall, only to find it was pretty packed.

Now, I'm super shocked about this. January is suppose to put us deeper into a recession, and - where did all these people park? The lot was pretty empty.

We find the T-Mobile kiosk. There were a couple of people there. Mr. S. hung out to wait for a sales chick, and I went to take pictures with my crappy one year old cell phone camera.

About ten minutes later I find my way back to the T-Mobile kiosk. Where I asked Mr S. if he'd been helped yet. Which he hadn't. I immediately say "I'm out". The mall was busy, and the sales people didn't seem to be motivated to multitask. So, I was done. Mr S. wasn't happy with that. We'd driven all the way there after all.

He finally gets his hands on one of the google phones. And it turns out we really like it. If the sales people hadn't have been so unwilling to make a sale, we would have had a new phone. Which is kind of a big deal. We've been with Verizon for about 4 years. If Verizon had a gphone, we wouldn't even switch. As I haven't been annoyed by their customer support yet.

I'm not sure what is up with sales people. They are either completely disinterested in selling anything, or stuck to you like glue.

At any rate. Back to the mall being packed. While I was taking pictures I made sure to look at what bags people were carrying. Macy's clearly was a big winner, but it wasn't just that there were people there. They were buying. I'd say 20% of people had at least one shopping bag. Which was very surprising.

As we were leaving we realized that everyone had just parked in a different lot.

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