Friday, January 09, 2009

Ah... that is why.

Normally I would blame this guy in back of me who is trying to stifle his coughing - for my impending sickness. But, it turns out I can't blame just him. A few hours ago Mr S. and I were picking up waters. I'm jolted in Mr S.'s direction by him saying in a very loud tone "50 cents".

Mr S. is very mild mannered. So it was unusual. When Mr S. got over to me he says "did you see that cashier taking out her dentures".

Noooo. Whaat! The woman giving you change - I say?

Him - Yeah - I thought you saw her.

Me - Nooo. I would have taken pictures. And she was handing you change right?

Him - yeah.

Me - I'm totally grossed out now.

I'm still loving Virgin America. I'm sitting here looking at my plane right now. Well, as long as they don't kill me between here and San Fransisco.

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