Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today, January 27th - I declare that I am bored of lasers. I know! I'll wait for the gasps to stop. Everybody just calm down. I'm okay. I just never thought there was an instance where I could not be entertained by lasers. It's hard to even imagine a world in which I'm not completely thrilled with lasers. But, it exists.

It doesn't help I had a crappy day. I want to punch so many people in the neck. Namely, but not limited to:

The City of San Jose for making me drive around for 30 minutes trying to find a parking place. And, not listing their parking lots as full - when they were.

The State of California for having every single road torn up. You can not drive for more than 5 miles in any direction without road work. And - it isn't projects that have just started. Many projects look to be at the halfway point.

Could they finish one of them before ripping up something else? Hell no. Oh - and it just pisses me off when I see about 20 workers just standing around doing nothing - burning my tax dollars.

Guitar Hero. Oh yeah. I'm so done with Guitar Hero. When I can't go to a conference on lasers without seeing someone working "the Guitar Hero", you know the world is on the brink of collapse.

Things 100% owned by women. How is this a feature?

And most intensely my navsat.

Oh my gawd. I want to kill my navsat. I want to go in the direction of the deep red line that goes out to the right of the screen. Why does it always insist on taking me in the opposite direction I need to be going? I see the freeway, yet it isn't taking me in any one of the directions that are a freeway. Those are all the red lines. I swear I rue the day I ever took good old fashion paper maps out of my car.

Oh yeah! I should add - all of those people who just bought gas saving cars. Ohh.. I so hate those people right now. Those cars can't get up a hill to save a life. And - they won't get out of the way.

Okay, I think I'm done. Someone needs a cookie.

Oh wait.. not done.

Suitcase guys. This picture is actually from CES. But, these people are everywhere. And they suck so much it makes my head hurt.


  1. Can I just add: People who live in areas where snow is a constantand yet refusing to learn how to drive in the stuff... WTH?!?

  2. Sure - add away.

    Those people can replace the Californians who forgot how to drive in the rain. But, since it never rains here anymore - I guess they should get some slack.