Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not driving away customers --

We do lots of rants about poor customer service, so it's only fair that I give props when a company does do customer service right.   So, kudos to you,

Recently, I decided to upgrade the memory in my home machine (a Dell XPS from a few years ago).  I went to, and used their web-app which selects compatible memory, and after checking that the price was pretty reasonable (memory is really cheap right now!), I ordered from them.   

A week later, the memory arrives, and of course  it doesn't fit.  The little slot on the memory card doesn't line up with where the slot is supposed to be on my motherboard.

So far, not so good.

But I call their support line, get thru right away, and the guy on the other end is very helpful.  Once he sees that I have a Dell XPS, he says "let me guess -- the slot on the memory card is in the wrong place?"   He explains that there are two versions of Dell XPS machines, and their software can't tell the difference between the two.    Knowing that the memory they shipped was the wrong type, he says I just need the other one.   And, good news, the other one is actually a lot cheaper.    He issued an RMA #, and I mailed the memory back to them.  

A week later, I got new memory, and it fit, and I'm up and running.

Now, of course it would have been great if I'd got the correct memory in the first place, but I have to say that their customer support line guy was great, and the whole experience after receiving the wrong-memory was very good.

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