Saturday, January 10, 2009

The world of modern airflight is going to be so good.

Alright - I have a lot of posts to get out. I have another thing tomorrow. And I'm up early this morning wanting to punch my - why can you run a chainsaw on a weekday - neighbors in the neck. Instead I will gush about Virgin America. Yeah - it is like they are paying me or something.

Anyway - on time both ways. And they've updated those old flight safety talks they have with passengers. Which were kind of funny. They said in a fashion of "really, we have to explain how to use a seat belt to you? Well, if we have to. If you don't know how to use a seat belt - you probably don't believe that planes can really fly".

And they have "The Google"! Check out that outside temp.

I'm not sure what we did without "The Google". I mean.. I knew it got cold in the air, but, who would have guessed -73. This is information that would have been helpful to stowaways.

Right before our plane landed we figured out you could do seat to seat chat. Virgin gives you a mini keyboard in the armrest, and it even has a credit card swiper on the side of the keyboard. Gives me hope they will have Internet in the air.

The only negative for Virgin is they don't have as many flights, so I actually spent less time in Vegas this year. I never like being stuck on the last plane out. So I think I lost about two hours of floor time.

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