Friday, January 30, 2009

So long, and thanks for all the oranges.

So - I have guys over today ripping something out.

Yeah - I needed to scratch my construction itch. And keep my guys tethered. Most of them have scattered in the wind trying to survive. And I don't want to loose them.

Giving them work when you can, and paying quickly - makes them come to your jobs over other people's. Especially in those time that you really need them. It creates loyalty in an otherwise disloyal industry.

So when my guy got here, he told his worker "Don't take the oranges"! Which made me laugh. Take all the oranges you want - I said.

For free? - the worker replied. Yeah - are you kidding. For free.

What.. am I going to charge for oranges? Silly.

I really only have that bush because it has thorns, and I think it will at least leave a blood trail if someone broke into the house through the window it sits by. I'm not much of an orange tree gal, but I think of it as a deterrent. So it stays. For now. But, every time I have Mexican workers over - that tree is like a magnet. I'd swear they were crack oranges.

A couple of times throughout out the day the worker asked again about the oranges. It seemed he was making sure that it was still okay to take them. And they still were free. Finally after probably the third prompting - I told the guy - take them. If you want to sell them, sell them.

Then I rushed to talk to Mr S.

Me - Mr S! What is it about the Mexicans and oranges?

Which made him laugh too. I'm betting if they walked up to anyone with an orange tree - the owner would practically pay them to take the oranges.

And yes - this is still California. There are still Mexican workers here. The only difference is that most of them are legal now.

Speaking of Mexico - am I the only one freaked out by what is happening there?

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