Friday, January 23, 2009

On the list of nothing new.

I'm going to a biotech thing this weekend. Why? I don't know. I blame lasers. So all I have for you is this conversation with Mr S. from last night:

Me - Are we going through a high five boom or something right now?

Mr S. - Yes. I think we are.

Me - I thought so. Because, this whole high five thing is getting exhausting.

You see. I think it all started back when we were fixing up the crap shack. We were watching those goofy fix-up shows. (which isn't what prompted us to buy the crap shack. In case you were wondering.)

Anyway. People were always high five-ing on those shows. Since we were on our second crapshack, we thought it was really goofy and retarded. Ripping out a wall? Glad to be done. Exhausted. Not a single thought of a high five.

But, it became a running joke with us, that whenever we saw someone high five-ing - we'd have to do one too. Which somehow encompassed fist bumps too. But, it happens to so often now, that we don't even move in the direction of one another. We just virtual high five, or fist bump. And I think I'm starting to get tennis shoulder just from that.

What is it with all the high fives lately? It's ridiculous.

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  1. Sarge has a BFF who insists on greeting me with a fist pump. I am disinclined to acquiesce to his requests and have started to respond with my pinkey and a "PPSHHHH!" sound. He really hates it, probably just as much as I hate the fist pump. So I figure we're even.