Friday, January 02, 2009

My first bitchy rant of the year.

Readers. I'm going to admit up front, that probably everyone else in the known universe would be perfectly fine with what I'm going to blog about this morning. This is an issue which is specific to me. I get it. Having said that....

Who f-ing gives the gift of steaks? I hope when the digital conversion takes place and half of the Midwest is unable to view television - I hope those Omaha Steaks people loose the ability to sell steaks to old people. It is enough already! Who thinks that is a good gift? WHO? It is one thing to send salsaghetti across the world, but steaks. Really?

My MIL is about to drive me batshit crazy.

When UPS showed up this morning I got all excited for a moment. "Wow" I thought. My memory got here fast. Because - now I have 2 terabytes of drives that all of a sudden are hungry for memory.

So imagine my surprise when it turned out to be steaks. Which probably would make most people happy. But, I have so many issues with meat.

One - I am so not okay with the thought of how long these things have been circulating in the mail under minimal refrigeration. And two - I refuse to eat pre-made hamburger patties. Those always seem to be the ones that give you the ass virus. Each and every time you see an ecoli outbreak - it is always those prepackaged burgers. Now, I'm sure Omaha Steaks has a great reputation - but I have a whole mental thing, and I can't get past it. Oh, and how many times do most people eat bacon wrapped filet's?

Just as an aside - my FIL (just this year) wanted to send those Omaha steaks. At least he asked first, and we told him no. This is California for christ sakes. We have happy cows!

And another thing that freaks me out? People in the supermarket that put items in the cart without a bag - that do not need to be cooked. Example: a head of lettuce. In the cart. Without a bag. People put their kids in those cards. They put meat and who knows what else. But, I've actually seen people doing that a few times lately. Grosses me out.


  1. This is off topic, but where else to put it (said the bishop to the acress)?

    Anyway, why is there a he_said website if he does not in fact say anything?

  2. As with most questions from the Lair, a great deal of reflection is needed to give answers. You are the first to ask after all.

    It started out that He_said, was going to say something. He claims that all stuff he would post about is super conservative political rants. Which wouldn't bother me. But he claims it would change the direction of the blog. He's actually the first to ever spot a direction. Which possibly why my blog is not very popular.

    I think he doesn't write because he just hates to write. He was one of those kids who probably waited till the last minute to do his homework. Hes just a procrastinator when it comes to writing.

    He does occasionally say stuff. But, I just informed him I might need to boot him from my blog. If he doesn't contribute - I'm gonna need to boot him.