Monday, January 12, 2009

Here at the snarkolepsy blog, you never know what yer gonna get.

Today, it is a protest.

Mr S. deeply did not want to go. Well... maybe that is too strong. He was okay with going, but observing from afar. It was only 10 minutes away from the San Jose car show, so I talked him into it. It went a little like this.

Me -
Baby, it will be fine. The Santana Row shopping center doesn't have a GAP. These nut-bags never destroy anything unless there is a GAP nearby. When we got there I even asked the police if there was a Gap anywhere near. Which made them offer up a Gucci store. Which was confusing.

Anyway, I was a little nervous, but actually wound up walking right through the middle of them. Mr S. hated that.

In the Bay Area you get pretty used to the protests. I think San Fransisco probably has one every single calendar day. Things are very good for us here. We have a lot of spare time.

It turned out I was very affected by the amount of small children they had at the protest. Can't these people find baby sitters? It is a joke People. I know it is part of their manipulation. I was also incensed by how many wealthy BMW driving white people there were at the rally.

One old white guy was even wearing an impeach Bush hat. Which seemed well... a little late. In general, everyone seemed pretty middle class. The cars which held people for the rally, newer. The clothes people were wearing showed they didn't seem to be suffering. Perhaps they could better serve their people better if they convinced them to start making things the world wants to buy. Oh, and to stop using their children as shields. Just say'in.


  1. Eh.. not many. I got more mashed at most trade shows. But thanks! I told you. No GAP. Although, I wonder what a Baby GAP would add to the mix.