Saturday, October 05, 2019

Today we pounded out a heater repair. The starter had gotten cranky, and it's still warm  so we wanted to get to it before we had no choice.

You guys don't even know how amazing it is to see flames come out when you have worked on the heater. And there is only like 5 parts you can replace in them, but it's always sort of a wheel of heater kind of thing.

We only started working them ourselves because heater guys basically have the same issue. They will install a part and be like - nope - not the right one. But they will charge you 100% markup.


  1. A bit off topic, but I though of you for some reason:

  2. OMG. When I read these articles it makes me think the world does work the way I think it does. I've done the van life, and it's fine when you are young and don't have many possessions. I was hanging out at the beach all the time anyway. As you get older you grow more tired of having to Tetris all of your stuff into it all the time. I don't think I am unique in any way.

    Just yesterday I had to talk a childhood friend down from that ledge. She's thinking about getting a roommate and was considering putting one of those things into her yard to live in. It something that sounds more awesome than it really is.

    Thanks for the article. ;)