Friday, October 04, 2019

Another rig config.

I'm sort of bored of this now. But it seems they are still making new configurations.

Also I've ridden in an Autonomous car a couple of times now in a very controlled geofenced area and it didn't freak me out as much as I thought it would. I mean, I've just started trusting my backup cams fully a few years ago. I have never seen one fail at this point. So I've finally learned to trust them.

I thought I would feel some kinda way about it, but I really felt nothing at all. Mr S. thinks that it might be because I've always sat in the back seat so I can take pictures. Possibly if I was in the passenger seat I might feel differently. So I'm going to try that next time. But really for all those people who are freaked about this technology, you'd be surprised what a non event it is.


  1. A couple of months back, in a grocery store parking lot waiting to get out I was backed into by a 2018 Porsche. I was stopped & waiting for things to move.
    I really thought she'd at least glance over her shoulder or at the rear view, I was right there! My horn alerted her about the same time she bumped me.

    I did not show up on her back up camera! She doesn't look any more, she was very embarrassed.
    The guy at the body shop said this was not unusual.

  2. I don't think a properly geofenced area would bother me. The Highway now....

    My husband (driving a Honda Pilot) and a sedan of some kind had a mild collision in a parking lot a couple years ago. Both backing up from opposite sides of the aisle. The sedan was at just enough of an angle to the back of the Pilot that the backup camera couldn't see it (I was in the car and can confirm), and because of the size of the Pilot and the angle the car was at my husband couldn't see the sedan, even after they touched he said he could only barely see the car. Either the sedan didn't have a camera or the driver didn't look at all, because we were directly behind him. The good news is that it was about as low speed an impact as you can get, his bumper bounced off our tire, and neither of us was worried about a couple scuffs. But yah, those backup cameras aren't infallible.

  3. Omg - you guys make laugh!

    Rob, about a year ago I started to back up without looking and that's when I realized I trusted those cams at all. I said I would never trust them. I always still make sure to look. I don't even trust the mirror lights on one of my cars. But sometimes they see a car before I do.

    At least if you got backed into by someone - it was a Porsche. You always want the car to be more expensive than yours - Right? When Mr S. got hit last year - the guy had a beater truck and I was sure things were going to suck hard, but he lived in a very swank town and it was fine.

    Ruth - I agree. Nothing is infallible. But it's always nice to be reminded. No one wants to get too sloppy. Also agree wit the geofencing. I am not a good passenger. Which is odd because I'm a speed demon. When computers take over I'm not sure who to backseat drive to.

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, October 06, 2019 1:01:00 AM

    The earlier lidar rig looked like a UFO that was sucking something off the top of the car it was mounted on, but this ...


    I think it's the "THIS VEHICLE IS AWARE" thing that gives me this vibe. :-)

    Give me ten minutes with you on a track and you'll be aware of something else, little pipsqueak bougie wagon ...

    Pity you can't drift that thing or it'd be even more fun. :-)