Thursday, October 31, 2019

Snarkolepsy's pumpkin flashback.


It's still warm in California at this time of year, so I didn't do any pumpkins. It's too far from the weekend and last year my eyes started crying. They were almost mushy enough that they couldn't be picked up. Not sure what I am going to do next year.


2016. Evil Clown Pumpkin. I think this was one of the better years. I used artificial nails for the teeth.

I missed a couple of years.

2012.  Pacman Pumpkins.   With them lit up.


2009.  South Park pumpkins.



  1. I was considering making a variation of The Joker sitting at a cheap chess table with glued-down pieces that show that White has been checkmated ...


    But I figured that in this ridiculous time we're living in, someone would see that it was Black who has checkmated White, thereby turning this into some sort of stupid "THAT'S RAAAAAACIST" thing that'd be all over the Internet.

    Acually, this would instead have been a joke on the neighbors who probably do think I am some sort of "joker" because my INTJ badness does not compel me to shoot the shit them pretty much ever.

    I don't do killer jokes, but I'm pretty sure one of my jokes did lead to someone's upper respiratory infection ...

    Fortunately he could stop laughing to save his life. :-)

  2. Pretty neat!

    I once did something like this:

    Drowning pumpkins. I added some blue dye to the water in mine.

  3. That's a clever concept. How gross does it get? Picking it up has to be like a used condom.

  4. You do it the day before Holloween.
    And was squishy quick. But oh man....