Thursday, October 24, 2019

I didn't think this would happen so fast.

Latest news: Second Sonoma County fire reported.

I think I'm on a bit of a bitchy tangent today because the dearth of shallow thinkers are really overwhelming me.

Just last night I was telling Mr. S. - just because they shut off the power doesn't mean there won't be fires. People start most fires.

Can you imagine the backlash if they shut off the power and people's homes still burn. And really I just can't BELIEVE the attitude of the PG&E CEO. No effs given! 

It is third world insanity.


  1. What are the 6 signs you are living in a third world nation?

    1. See or smell human excrement in the streets
    2. The majority of people have no respect for the rule of law
    3. The electrical power system is not dependable
    4. Courts and government are corrupt
    5. some groups can do what they want and are protected by said corrupt government
    4. The police only control where they stand and only the criminal can have weapons. (probably a corollary to #2)
    5. All forms of media support the state as propaganda machines.
    6. The political elites do not operate by the same rules as the people.

  2. California wants to be a welfaire state so bad they should just give us a free 5,000.
    I promise to use it to move out of this state that is on the downward slide to irrelevancy.
    I bet a surprising amount of californians would do the same.