Thursday, October 24, 2019

Allegedly there is also a fire burning in Southern California and people are claiming they had their power shut off pre-fire. It's called the tickfire.


  1. Two fires here ...was only an acre or two each. What they are not saying is the homeless probably did it. Both are in or right next to their encampments.

  2. Woooow. Pretty much every week I see an encampment has gone up in the Bay Area. There are swaths of San Jose that stretch a whole freeway exit. From one exit to the next.

    Did you see the crap the are doing in Southern California? They are setting each others tents on fire and a guy got burnt up this month.

  3. she said,

    Yes. I glanced, briefly at some articles.

    I, sorry to say, HATE L.A. and most of SOCAL.
    Keep San Diego and just give the rest to the Mexicans. They have taken over there anyway.

    The closer you get to the border the more third world shit is.