Monday, October 07, 2019

You have to wonder when people will have enough of this.

PG&E power shutoff could last 'five days or longer' in Napa County.

Update - The city of San Jose is now saying that all of San Jose could be affected and that the electricity could be shut off for SEVEN days.

They fricken held a press conference. I guess we are all literally going back to the dark ages.

"Pacific Gas & Electric plans to shut off power to Napa County starting Wednesday morning, county officials warned the public Monday afternoon. The shut-off could last "five days or longer," according to the county's office of emergency services. Napa isn't the only area that might go dark later this week; PG&E is monitoring 30 of California's 58 counties for a potential power shut-off due to a "severe wind event" forecast for Wednesday and Thursday."

I sort of dare them. There is definitely a fowl wind brewing in California and people are starting to get pretty fed up. I think the real goal is just to crush everyone who lives here.


  1. What would you have them do? If they're financially responsible for fires caused by their equipment even when they've done nothing wrong, they pretty much have to be overcautious in order to avoid liabilities they can't afford to cover.

    The answer may be to change the law holding them strictly liable. I'm not sure how realistic that might be, since it would shift the cost of wildfires to the landowners and their insurance companies. The insurers have already said they can't afford the risk without enormous rate increases. The landowners can't borrow unless they can get insurance.

    If nobody can afford the consequences of a wildfire, then maybe we can't afford to keep the power on when the risk gets high.

    Am I missing something?

  2. Absolutely landowners should be responsible for the trees on their property as well as their insurance carriers. They are more the problem than PG&E is. People in California are mentally ill when it comes to trimming trees. Every time PG&E tries to mitigate the fire risk some group comes in and sues the hell out of them.


    My family has been in a fire - so I keep my property trimmed. Other people should be responsible and not say - OH... we don't know what to do. People in California plant a tree right at their property line and you have to hassle them to maintain their tree. That is not right. They are just lazy and crazy.

    If people maintained their trees PG&E could focus on their stuff. Instead they are constantly being sued for trying to do the right thing. It's ridiculous! And honestly this used to be the rule at least a decade ago. My neighborhood doesn't have power lines but my old one did. Every once in a while PG&E would come by and say - if you don't trim this tree we will at a much higher cost. They would send YOU that bill. But Californians are so mentally ill about trees they don't have that rule now.

  3. :LOL:

    What a toxic waste dumpster fire of a state! We'll send you some of our illegals we don't need or want from the Texas border.

    I'm happy to see more leftist suffering from their own stupidity, but I'm sure they are oblivious to it.

  4. Honestly there is just story after story of these crazy people. They should not shut down the economy because some people are batshit crazy.

    Environmentalists push back against PG&E tree cutting in Santa Cruz Mountains.

    "“It’s not only that I don’t want my rural road mangled,” Collins said. “This has huge environmental impacts over a vast part of California-with no environmental review. PG&E is incredibly powerful,” Collins added. Powerful enough to ignore a demand from Santa Cruz County back in March for environmental review and encroachment permits to cut down heritage trees for the Community Pipeline Safety Initiative, Collins explained. In terms of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Collins contends that, incredibly and probably illegally, the CPUC determined the Community Wildfire Safety Program did not constitute “a project” under CEQA, and therefore no environmental review is required. "

  5. I checked the San Jose twitter feed. Most people are too stupid in most of America, and even in Texas sadly, to bother to keep a flashlight around.

    They could keep around a propane or kerosene camp stove I guess. And what about that frozen and cold food by businesses?

  6. "I'm happy to see more leftist suffering from their own stupidity"

    The things is - they don't suffer because they are immune. Only the productive people suffer. And I know you mean it affectionately - but sometimes these people..... they are just dumb as rocks.

  7. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, October 08, 2019 7:05:00 PM

    "Most people are too stupid in most of America, and even in Texas sadly, to bother to keep a flashlight around."

    I keep one in my front pocket for several reasons, one of which involves illuminating the nearby area.

    The biggest reason I carry an unobtrusive-looking flashlight in my pocket is that when I stuff it into my dominant hand, it then lets me apply more force on whoever's ass I'm having to beat while sustaining fewer injuries to my fingers.

    So not only are most people in America too stupid to have a flashlight, let alone carry one, they're also too stupid to know when they need to beat someone's ass and how to be prepared in advance for that as well.

    I've been to countries that have super-strict gun laws and knife laws, and nobody's taken my flashlights away from me.

    I tend to prefer the ones that take type 123 lithium batteries because they light up a lot more area than the triple-AAA cartridge type and because they seem to hold up against abuse a lot better.

    I probably own something like thirty flashlights and a dozen headlamps.

    Fortunately the "absurd classes" of Californians are so fucking stupid that they'll never see the ass beatings coming that they deserve.

    Go to Lowe's, they sell cheap enough extremely popular nationally branded flashlights (hint) that will take a beating and will keep on shining, and they usually sell multi-packs of cheap type 123 batteries as well.


  8. I have never needed to beat someones ass - but I plan to take out their knee caps first. But being a girl you do worry about a guy getting you on the ground which is why I plan to shove my thumbs right under their jaw line and hold onto their jaws for dear life. It's a surprisingly tender area. It doesn't take man strength to make it really painful.

    As for flashlights - every phone has one. I'm not sure why everyone in panicking. Though I have carried a large one across the country for a legal weapon.

  9. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, October 18, 2019 5:49:00 PM

    That's so cute that you think the single weaksauce LED on a phone is an actual flashlight ... :-)

    Think of this as "pen fighting" but with a much thicker flashlight, and then there's this: police training advice with a flashlight.

    The little one in my pocket is able to light up all of the lanes of I-10 in the dark, so it makes a great roadside vehicle inspection light, but it will drain a type 123 lithium battery in a little over 3 hours.

    I have a less powerful one always close by that can last for a day, but it can't light up a several yard section of interstate.