Thursday, October 24, 2019

Maybe these things are ya know - connected.

Durable-goods orders fall 1.1%, business investment shrinks again, in bad sign for U.S. economy.

I hated having a front row seat to the housing crisis. But the only way to know how viscerally people are going to react to things is to walk in their shoes. To know emotionally how things are affect people. We are pack animals and we pretty much all feel the same things just at different times. I have lived through some crazy stuff and I understand ( a little bit) why people do the things they do.

When houses go down in price, people pull back.

Trump really deserves a lot of credit for keeping this going as long as he has considering what is happening with the economies in the rest of the world. We are all intertwined now. So, what affects them affects us.

US New Home Sales Slow In September, Prices Plunge To Lowest Since 2017.

"Very notably, the median home price plunged 8.8% from a year earlier to $299,400 - to its lowest since Feb 2017..."

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