Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Pure comedy.

I am late posting tonight because no one knows if they will have power tomorrow. And apparently they are shutting down all the tunnels now. The Caldecott Tunnel which connects Berkeley to Oakland. I heard they were shutting one down on Highway 1.

People are going to be as hot as fish grease.


  1. Not really that funny to be living in state that is rapidly becoming part of the third world.

  2. I know Baby. But it's sort of a dark humor. That is why you come here. Or at least that is why I think most people come here. Hopefully things like this will make the sheeple wake up. You laugh or you cry. Money talks. People will not wake up until it costs them. Before this Gavin Newsom (the new shiny poney) was starting to get some recall talk. We will see how people feel about him after this whole thing. I'm just hoping I don't snap at some dumb asses and their whole climate bullshit.

  3. So....looks like you need to clean out the non-engineers/diversity hires at PG&E/CPUC/CEC/Special Interest Groups, etc., that are preventing proper right-of-way brush and tree clearing. Clear ROWs will take care of the fire risk.

    Long transmission lines running through remote wooded areas are a natural consequence of shutting down local generation and exporting your pollution/generation to surrounding states.

    Hope your lights stay on.

    And as previously mentioned by someone, great harm will come to some people by turning off the power.

    Perhaps the bureaucrats can have the homeless put on workshops on how to survive without infrastructure.


  4. OMG Bunnygoat - the homeless will be STARTING the fires. If you saw what I did today driving through San Jose. I probably counted 10 fire burn scars along the freeway. They have finally started booting them off. Probably because they are torching a lot of area. If I wasn't solo I would have gotten video of that.

  5. You folks in CA have a good 'Earth Week' celebration there.

  6. Well... until something like this happens all the phoneys can say - we don't mind the inconvenience. They say it on the news all the time. And I'm like liars. They don't mind it as long as everyone else gets hit and they don't. Which is pretty much California politics in a nutshell. None of these people have to live by their stupid ideas.

  7. From the internets:

    'Twas pointed out to me last night
    that the folks in California who are without electricity these past few days...those 800,000 + people...

    Are the beta testers for the Democrats "Green New Deal" that the DNC folks will implement if they get enough socialists Democrats elected next year.

    h/t: http://middleoftheright.blogspot.com/2019/10/was-pointed-out-to-me-last-night.html


  8. LOL. We will see. I was pretty surprised at how not contrite the CEO of PG&E was last night. He's like yeah biatch this will happen again.

    The even sadder thing is because Californians aren't that bright - they will all call to nationalize PG&E. I think they should all be forced to sit in a line at the DMV for a real ID card before they get to choose. My bday was in FEB - so I got my ID almost as soon as you could and it took me something like 6 hours. Even now, eight months later, appointments are booked out 3 months out. I thought it would have died down by now. MR s. still hasn't gotten his. The auto renewed him.

    And how is it that the DMV is just NOW taking credit cards? I think there have been credit cards the whole entire time I've been alive!

  9. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, October 14, 2019 1:49:00 AM

    The "Real ID" thing with a little gold star on your driver's license?

    That's been a thing in Florida for a very long time.

    I don't use a driver's license for ID because it has my address on it.

    Even if your driver's license doesn't have your residence address on the front, it probably has it on the back -- scan the PDF417 barcode on the back of your driver's license and get prepared for a shock if you've been expecting actual privacy from your government.

    Any time someone asks for an ID, I give them my passport card unless it's a highway stop.

    "But do you have something on you with your address on it?"

    "No ...", but I'm lying, and you won't know the difference, nosey person.

    Deal with it. :-)

    You're just overpaying for shitty government in California ...

    ... but what else would you expect me to say?

    Roses are a flower
    Violets are too
    PG&E turned off the power
    California, the joke's on you


  10. Are you kidding me! When I had to get my ID I was very uncomfortable with the DMV having exactly what anyone needed to steal my identity. My whole identity was whittled down to five pieces of paper and the DMV had all of them. But I have aging relatives - so, I need to be able to hop on a plane with very quick notice. What choice do I have? And the DMV is just now accepting credit cards - so maybe they are the fort knox of government. Said in the most sarcastic way.

    And also - you can't buy weed without a drivers license. So there is that. I'm pretty aware of that code on the back.

  11. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, October 15, 2019 3:07:00 AM

    "I need to be able to hop on a plane with very quick notice ..."

    Same here for different reasons, but the destination is usually outside the United States.

    So while I was renewing my passport, I paid extra and got a passport card.

    But seriously, you can't buy Tha Ganja in the People's Republic of California without a PRC-issued ID card?

    Yeah, that works so well for making sure the "right people" can buy it ...

    Recently I was in a place where there were Mall Sample People offering samples of some kind of CBD cream ... no prescriptions or anything, just here, try some CBD cream.

    You're just overpaying for bad government!

    Oh, but I'm being redundant. :-)

  12. Hahahahahahah. CBD creme. That is some pure bullshit. Very trendy right now though.