Sunday, October 06, 2019


The first house Mr S. and I ever owned came on the market this week and they had an open house today. So we had to go visit it. We sold it in 2006 right before the recession hit.

Mostly we wanted to see how much the new owners had changed it. By the time we'd moved we had pretty much gutted it. It was our first crapshack. But everyone has their own style and we wanted to see how things we'd done to it had held up. You never really know how things are going to age.

We were really surprised to see that they had changed very little actually. The bathrooms were the same. The kitchen was the same. The bamboo floors we put in were still there. We put them in before that was something you could get everywhere. We had to special order them at the time. And I'd decided to put them in on the bias which was a biiiiiiitch. We'd put in glass tiles in one of the bathrooms before that was a very popular thing.

Glass tiles refract light in a really weird way and I wanted the grout to be an exact match to the color of the tiles. I wound up mixing the color 30 different times to get the right color of blue. And that is not an exaggeration. I was laughing with Mr S. about how much a contractor would charge you to mix grout color that many times. He said you could never get a contractor to do that - they would be so over your dumb ass.

For a lot of years we drove by and they had never changed anything in the front yard, and as it turns out almost everything inside is still the same. The'd added a walk in pantry, but 95% of it was still exactly the same. Which is something I can't even conceive of. When I buy a place I buy it with the intention of ripping everything out eventually.

So yeah. It's the first time one of our houses has come back on the market and it sort of felt really weird.

I tried not to ask the agents too many questions because agents are all the same. "It's never been a better time to buy" bla bla bla. But they actually admitted the market was weird right now. Some houses will go right away, and others not so much. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for this house to sell.

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