Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Another negative pulse for the economy.

Gas stations in the heart of Silicon Valley selling gas at 4.69 a gallon. Southern California has some at almost 6 bucks a gallon. In some places it has risen 70 cents in one week.

I should have gone back and gotten a picture of that, but I had to drive around and find out how widespread it was. Looks like 4.69 in an outlier. The cheap cash gas stations are about 4.09. Most others around 4.30.


Rob said...

Up in this part of Washington it's been $3.19 for sometime.

she said: said...

Wow. I'm betting gig workers are getting ground to the nubs. Uber and Doordash. Not to mention our super commuters.

Don in Oregon said...

Southern Oregon coast, always higher than inland, it's been stable at $3.10.

What amazes me is that the price didn't jump after the Saudi refinery attack a couple of weeks ago. Normally any increase in oil prices bumps up the pump price.

John from Pomeroy on the Palouse said...

Eastern Washington Costco for $2.72 yesterday. In my town 30 miles west of Costco it's running $3.14 at both stations. Head another 25 miles west and you'll pay $3.29.

Like Don in Oregon, I'm surprised. Our two stations were at $3.19 before the Saudi attack. We've since dropped a nickel/gallon.

Thank Trump for fracking.

A Texan said...

$2.25 more or less here in South Texas.

I'm so happy to see libtards in CA in suffering with gasoline prices. How much of it did the inflict on themselves through you know, duh-mocracy? :LOL:

she said: said...

Well.... all of it! I'm sort of happy too even though I get hit. They always find a way to take down a refinery or four when gas prices get too low. It's like clockwork.

I think the reason gas didn't spike in the rest of the country after the Saudi thing was because they just tapped into their reserves. I read they had something like 300 days in reserve. I don't know if it's true.