Tuesday, October 15, 2019

You don't say....

California's Power Outage Demonstrates the Biggest Flaw With Tesla's Plan to Sell Everyone an Electric Car.

"Second, our electrical grid is far more fragile than most of us truly understand. The fact that you can plug in a toaster and make breakfast in the morning is almost luck. It doesn't take much to cause that luck to run out--a storm, a power surge, or a branch falling on a power line. Or, apparently, a utility with such outdated equipment that the only way it can be sure it won't start a wildfire that could burn down most of California is to just shut everything off for a few days.

But just because it's a little windy in the Bay Area, people still need to go to work, still need to make lunches before sending their kids off to school, and still need to do all of the other things they would normally do. No one is evacuating. Which, I guess is a good thing since they'd only get a few hundred miles before their Teslas all run out of juice. "

People are out of their minds if they think our grid can handle everything being run on electricity. And thankfully PG&E just showed this on a grand scale. It's something some of us have been saying for a long time. But if you only have small outages here and there - sheeple just don't get it.

BTW - this article is a few days old now. But it's interesting that INC. is running the story.

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  1. Here is a bigger flaw.

    Water infrastructure.

    Stratford California is a case in point.
    AND the liberal govt is making it so much worse.