Friday, October 11, 2019

That is a really weird way to drum up business.

This phone number does in fact go to Morgan Stanley. Any guesses what his angle is?


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, October 11, 2019 10:33:00 PM

    Culturally it's not a West Coast thing, that's for sure.

    It's more like a Southern thing or even an East Coast thing ...

    The major premise: even people whose jobs don't generally involve being the first called for emergencies will offer their help at whatever they do for a living after something goes wrong, even if you normally wouldn't think of these people as having anything to do with emergencies.

    But this is still very early for that sort of thing to be happening.

    It could be clueless management that's pushing this.

    "We want to look like we're caring, but we're not really good at this historically, so maybe we'll try doing that early ..."


  2. So how was the power outage? I thought the duh-versities would have been rioting and looting since they may not be able to process the EBT cards.

  3. That whole thing went super nova before it got to my town where it was barely windy at all. I really think the utility company and the government were not expecting the backlash they got. Normally us plebes just suck it up and grumble to ourselves. I mean, I've been through enough electricity outages that I knew people with solar panels were not immune. I don't have them, but when a portion of the town goes dark you see people with them bitching up a STORM. I pretty much expect to lose power once a year. It doesn't always happen, but it's happened enough that I at least have a plan. PG&E is basically like the DMV. When you lose power you never know when it going to come back on. They have always had an eff you attitude about their website. So when people were furious this time I think they were totally caught off guard. Even the CEO was making it seem like THEY were the victims! The balls of those people.

    Texas Refugee - the one thing that is so memorable about the South is how willing to help they were. Californians are the most self centered people on the planet. I think if I moved back to the South I would freak out about how nice and genuine people are there. For along time I would think it was fake. Which is pretty sad honestly.

  4. "I pretty much expect to lose power once a year."

    They're really shitty socialists in California then ...

    I did not even once lose power in Stockholm and I wasn't really all that close to the city center.

    I got the impression that the power going out would offend Basic Swedish Cultural Codes of making sure that everything that's supposed to work "good enough" does actually work "good enough", and so there would be Swedish Rioting (block parties) to protest (and clean out the refrigerator) while tolerating the lack of electrical power for perhaps as much as an hour or two before really getting loud.

    In fact, in Swedish, there is a single short word, lagom for "good enough". (På svenska: "lagom är bäst" = "good enough is best".)

    So California, you're doing this socialism thing all wrong, and you have no idea what is actually "good enough" ...

    Maybe California needs Swedish engineering for their socialism. :-)

    Also, does the PG&E shut-off have a body count yet?

    There will literally be hell to pay (in the courts, including the court of public opinion) if PG&E's spineless leadership actually causes even a single death.

    But about the South ... why do you think I keep pointing you toward the Research Triangle? There are probably some gigs doing what the two of you do that would possibly make the move pay over the long run.

    Just don't go over 15 mph on any roads there -- I wasn't joking about them being the Massachusetts of Dixie. They throw people into actual prison for "excessive speed", and that's their definition of it.

    Fortunately, there are several race tracks in the area, and at least as far as I know you can still have a radar detector there, unlike in the People's Police State of Virginia ...

    Also, Raleigh-Durham is an airport that doesn't instantly make you hate yourself just by flying through it, so that's a help.

    I think Florida Man and Florida Woman would freak you out after a while, so I haven't been suggesting that. Not a week goes by when someone here's doing some completely dumbass thing because they thought it was a good idea.

    Those pictures where people drive their pickup trucks into the Gulf of Mexico so they can unhook the boat behind them without turning around, and then the tide comes in?

    Florida Man's just showing off his impressive knowledge of tidal forces, that's all. :-)

  5. "Also, does the PG&E shut-off have a body count yet?"

    Yes-ish. A family claims their father died before he could switch his oxygen over to the generator. The coroner says that is not why he died. But in the court of public opinion I don't think it matter much.

    I think I could be entertained by Florida Man or woman for a little while. And there is always Cuban coffee which I sort of miss. I never saw any of that craziness while I was there.

  6. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, October 14, 2019 1:23:00 AM

    Are there lazy coroners like lazy doctors?

    Because I know of a lot of doctors who say "oh, he's diabetic" about someone and then draw conclusions from that instead of actually doing some medical work ...

    "Oh, he has severe atherosclerosis" sounds an awful lot like a medical work cop-out when the person who died might have actually lived a while longer had he been able to get to his battery backup.

    But was the coroner under "doctor's orders", this I want to know.

  7. ""Oh, he has severe atherosclerosis" sounds an awful lot like a medical work cop-out when the person who died might have actually lived a while longer had he been able to get to his battery backup."

    I would think that if you are heart compromised - and the only way you could stay alive was on oxygen and that oxygen went out - you might cause you to have a cardiac event. I'm not an expert obvi - but it does put the feet of gawd into all those people who SUPER depend on electricity for life. Not just those of us who enjoy electricity.

    Leaperman - they have shut down the non urban areas more because you guys bitch less.

  8. OMG crank call! I don't know you if there is a knock on my door. I'm too pretty to go to jail.

  9. ME TOO. Unless the spooks are reading then I'm totally not kidding.

  10. Nonono ... watch how it's done.

    Ready? Now say the three magic words.


    [watches all of the spooks perk up]

    There, that'll keep 'em occupied (ha) for a while. :-)

  11. New phone - who dis? If you knew all the crazy agencies that have hit my blog. One time even the treasury department came though. I'm not even playing.

  12. You have new customers?

    I can't tell the difference between some of the customers and actual spies.

    One day there'll even be a visit from the Federal Commission on Retrograde Flatulence or something like that, I'm sure, and they'll tell me literally as well as figuratively to blow smoke up my ass. :-)

    But it's not like we're talking about a NUCLEAR BOMB here or something!

    "Listen to this one, listen to this one,
    Listen to this one, listen to this one,
    Listen to this one, listen to this one,
    Listen to this one, listen to this one,
    Listen to this one, listen to this one,
    Listen to this one, listen to this one,
    Listen to this one, listen to this one,
    Listen to this one, listen to this one ..."

    There's no purpose, no design to any of this. :-)