Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mirror camera concept.

Full size image here.
 My blog is left biasing my images so it's cutting off the full picture.

This is a car dash concept from Harmon. You know how with a lot of the new cars they are trying to phase our mirrors and just have cameras? Well, this concept had dedicated displays for that.

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I just bring you content, and you can talk amongst yourselves.  But is is sort an interesting take on adjusting you to the future. People are already programmed to look to the side. This keeps that behavior natural. But I guess if you are looking there anyway, it's not that different than looking at a mirror. Maybe it's a transitional phase?

Also a better picture.

And here.


And here.


  1. No.

    I don't mind cameras in addition to a mirror, but I want a mirror (on the other hand I'll admit that I've taken off a few mirrors when I misjudged clearance, so I can see the attraction).

  2. The blogspot.com software is just weird ...

    "My blog is left biasing my images ..."

    That's not the only thing it does that's odd.

    When I try to "View Image" any image, Firefox opens up a download dialog instead of showing it in the same tab or even in a new tab.

    In the case of your blog, it wants to download "unnamed.jpg" instead of viewing the image in a browser tab, which Firefox will probably want to save as "unnamed (GAZILLION).jpg".

    So I now have this acquired habit of not opening up images on blogs because I don't want a bunch of stuff to accumulate in my downloads directory ...

    I haven't replaced a mirror in a very long time, and on that particular vehicle, the mirror assembly (because I couldn't just buy the mirror) cost me about $400 used and an hour of messing around with the door to install it.

    So maybe they can make these things be cheaper and easier to install than some of the mirror assemblies from the dealer, in which case that'd be interesting in and of itself ...

    And also maybe they could make this also be a mirror?

    I really doubt any of that's going to be the case, because Harmon. :-)


    But you know what that nice big hole where they've stuffed this not-a-mirror looks like it'd be good for?

    A pistol, maybe even a stack of pistols if you have a special holster made for that special hole ...


    I used to live in Miami and I used to drive into Broward all the time.

    Do you think I would want to do that unarmed like a crazy Californian? :-)

    Do you think I have time to reload and drive?

    I want a stack of guns in my bougie dashboard hole so I can New York Reload! :-)

  3. I guess my brain sort of dukes it out with this idea. The tard side says mirrors interrupt the lines of beautiful cars. Then it tries to beat the shit out of the other logical side of my brain who thinks it doesn't make sense. Cute trumps everything.

  4. To be fair, our Pilot has a camera mounted on the mirror (for lane change monitoring and passenger side checking), and I can tell you from experience that those cost a pretty penny to replace. Admittedly the charge still got lost in the charge for the bodywork, but it sure cost a heck of a lot more than the last mirror I had to replace.

  5. That's a really good point. It will be interesting to see how people react to the replacement cost of these things. I see so many cars that have bumper and other damage these days. It's kinda mad max on the roads these days.

  6. In the Bay Area it is more due to the dive bombers. If you leave any space in front of you people will cut the line especially off ramps and on ramps. When there is a merge lane I will completely hug the shoulder until there is no chance for someone to dive bomb in front of me. I would say cell usage doesn't even rate on why there are so many jacked bumpers.