Monday, October 07, 2019

Not for long.

"The US consumer "remains healthy" despite growing fears of economic recession, the team of BAML analysts said. Should the retail industry face a holiday headwind, certain value stores could benefit from discount-seeking customers, they added." Source.

I think it is sort of funny how the "everything is fine" goalpost keeps being moved back. Said in the most sarcastic way.

Last week it was - everything is fine because wage growth is fine. Then it came in weak. Now it's everything is fine because the consumer is fine. And I can tell you - judging from the recently sold houses in my city - everything is NOT fine.

Of 76 houses - only 16 sold for above asking. 15 sold for asking. 45 sold for under asking. And I only went through the first page of the MLS. The most recent sales since 9/4/19.

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  1. It's ok and I don't mean the awesome white power symbol.

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