Friday, October 25, 2019

Next year - every time I say 2020 I'm going to say it like Barbara Walters. Just thought you should know. It's going to make Mr S. crazy.


  1. I had to look...

  2. In my recollections she said it slower. With kinda a three second pause between 20 and 20. Maybe that was just us all mocking her and that is how I'm going to say it next year.

    And wow - it's crazy how bad video sucked back then. How did we even watch that stuff?

  3. Doesn't help when someone uploaded it as 240x180 video ...

    That's actually about a quarter of the resolution of NTSC at its best, although the source video may have been so crappy that this was the best thing to do for it.

    So BW's literally been saying the slash as a huge pause all these years.

    Never noticed.

    My DVDs don't look anywhere near this bad.