Thursday, October 17, 2019

I guess I should have stopped.

"As to what we can expect out of a Tesla pickup truck, Musk also tweeted out that the vehicle may resemble an “armored personnel carrier from the future.” Now what this actually means is anybody’s guess, but it certainly does boost the level of intrigue surrounding the impending reveal." Source.

I am a little over the whole Tesla thing right now. But last week I drove by the plant just to sort of check out what was happening on Kato Drive. You can see it from the freeway. That road looked as chaotic as I've ever seen. With all the car carriers and random Semi's. Plus a RV city is basically popping up. It really looks a mess. I basically just shook my head.

But the interesting thing was there are an armored type vehicle on a flatbed sitting out there among the craziness. I couldn't stop at the time to investigate any further.  Now I wish I had. But it did seem odd to me. Odd enough that I told Mr S. about it because it just seemed like a strange place to have one parked. But since I don't have any pictures - I guess it never happened.

Update -  This is sort of what that vehicle on the flatbed looked like.  Mr S. and I were talking about it again last night. And I couldn't describe it so I found a picture. Since the image might be copy right protected I'm only providing a link.


  1. Would a dash cam have gotten a picture?

  2. Yes. Anyone who drove by would have seen it. But I don't have a dash cam. I've been thinking about getting one. I guess it was just this last Monday that I drove by. Around 2:00. Feels like last week.

  3. "But since I don't have any pictures - I guess it never happened."

    The Internet eventually devolves into self parody ...

    You can now PICS OR GTFO yourself online. :-)

  4. LOL. I think it saves a lot of time honestly.

  5. Speaking of Tesla pickups.. under 2 min video of someone who couldn't wait.

  6. Awww! Look at you knowing my attention span is like humming bird! I haven't seen that before. Thanks for sharing.