Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Galaxy Fold.

Got to see this phone. It was a bit larger than I expected. There was nothing exciting about it, or not exciting about it. It was a finger print magnet though. You can find specs literally anywhere else.

This guy was demo'ing the phone to someone else and stopped mid sentence because he recognized my Light camera. Since there is no more buzz I'm always a bit surprised that people still notice it. It does have 16 lenses though. I would notice it even if I didn't know who made it.


  1. Show us your camera in all it's tekky glory

  2. Will do. Give me a day or two. I always wanted to blog it but since I am a girl I was fairly certain I could be narrowed down pretty easily. Men buy the vast amount of high end camera gear. Everyones Google notifications alert companies when you are talking about them. Now I can do so rather vaugly or not even since it's not really a product anymore.

    Mr S.'s holographic phone also got orphaned. It kinda sucks because with both products - it wasn't a complete failure. They were about 80% there. It wasn't anything tragic that couldn't be worked on. If they are actually interested in working on things rather than vaporizing money.