Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I wonder what skeletons are in this guys closet.

SoftBank, WeWork's largest investor, will reportedly take control of the company — and Adam Neumann will take home nearly $1.7 billion.

This news started coming through last night. The whole thing sort of made me laugh because it was being reported they couldn't lay off people because they didn't have the funds for severance also was hitting the wire. When I told Mr S. - the conversation roughly went like this.

Me - can you believe they are going to pay that guy to leave the board of directors? Looking back through my history of Silicon Valley no one has never needed to pay someone to leave. They would just boot them off!

Him - It almost seems like money laundering scheme.

Sometimes Mr S. says stuff that just stops me in my tracks.

Me  - go on.

Him - Well, if you are laundering money you don't really care how much good money you get back because it's clean money. So if you get back 75 cents of good money on a dollar of dirty money - you are doing pretty good.

Neither of us is saying this is a money laundering scheme obvi. But I certainly have never seen ANYTHING like this in Silicon Valley. But apparently they wanted that nondisclosure super bad or they wouldn't have paid him anything to leave. Sort of makes you wonder what they are hiding.


  1. Welcome to 'the new normal' where women are men and the men are women, holywood is the new 'morality' and EVERYONE is on the take.

  2. The razor swings back and forth between two answers:

    1. Are investors really this stupid?


    2. Do we have an entity created to launder drug/terrorist/other illegal money?

    Occam’s response: Embrace the power of “And”


  3. I would say yes to both. I mean, the SB fund does take a lot of foreign money from sandy countries.