Monday, October 14, 2019

Draco electric supercar.

I think everyone knows my stance on electric cars. Especially after the electricity supplier for Silicon Valley tried to turn the power off to everyone due to wind. Having said that - electric cars are making some interesting technology changes and even I can't deny that. They are able to achieve very fast acceleration. This one has 1,200HP and 6,500ft/lb of torque. Each wheel on has an independent motor. Home site here.

I wasn't able to get viable side shots. But I think it basically looks like a Fisker Karma with a different nose. I do like the interior console because I have a thing for that industrial look. So, I like the knobs. Also - THEY GIVE YOU TWO CUP HOLDERS! Which seems like a stupid thing to care about until you have a car with one tiny cupholder.

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