Saturday, July 31, 2010

You taped what?

The day started out good. Then sketchy. Then good.

Traffic everywhere was savage. We went to breaklunch, and then headed out to the Berkeley Kite fest.

It took so long to get to the marina. Then, we found out they had the Marina blocked off it was so full. So we wound up on the frontage road and debated on walking the 2-3 miles around the bay. Which wasn't such a big deal. I didn't feel great about the walking back. When I'm done. I'm done. And - I had to pee.

You guys know my thing about porto potties. That is not happening my friend.

Mr S. convinced me there might be bathrooms at the Golden Gate Fields. Which is on the frontage road.

The parking attendant and the track people were so frickin nice to let me not have to pay to park. Then let me use the facilities. The restrooms were dreamy. I was the only other female patron. So they were super clean.

While I was walking through the lobby I noticed a bunch of cabby's just hanging out. When I came back through I asked how much it would cost for them to drive us to the Marina and back. It turned out to be the same as parking at the hotel next to the Marina. So, we paid the parking lot attendant to park, and took a cab.

For some reason I have a fondness for cabby's. My uncle drove cab for a while. For the most part they are really good honest guys. On a rare occasion they will try to take you the long way. Yet, if you ask them to come back and get you - they always seem to. Plus, they really saved me from a meltdown. It took an hour to get through the traffic the first time to find out there was no place to park. Golden Gate Fields cabby's? Awwwesome.

Hey. Maybe I shouldn't admit this. I plan on doing this next year. Eh, whatever. It's a slow time of year for them with the horses being gone. They could use the extra dough.

Video. Keep your finger on the volume. I have a little bit of wind feedback.

It's a super good thing Mr S. isn't self conscience like I am. What's with that white rapping?

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