Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh - for - shits- sakes!

If these people knew just how deeply all of us can't stand these people. I've never seen such universal anger. Everyone - everywhere - understands they are ripping us off every single day. Makes the days of hitler bush seem like a cake walk.

So, when I read this little gem - I just had to grit my teeth.

California's city officials scramble to limit damage from Bell scandal

"On Thursday, city managers from across the state will gather in Sacramento to discuss damage control. Among the ideas on the table: launching an independent examination of city officials' salaries and compiling a database of salaries for municipal executives.

The Legislature also is mulling several Bell-inspired proposals, including a requirement that cities make salaries easily accessible on websites. "

"Many of the ideas are designed to put political distance between Bell and the rest of California's 480 cities and towns. "It would be really unfortunate if anyone took the outrageous action of one city and generalized it to all cities," said Chris McKenzie, executive director of the League of California Cities, which is hosting the meeting."

Have these people lost their minds? This is happening in every single city in California. Hell, even my city the school administrator makes a half a million bucks.

Yet again.. the are going to act like they are doing something. All the while wasting our money. Google can effing help them out with this. They have heard of Google. Right? There are at least two databases that have this information compiled.

Secondly, it isn't that hard. A judge ordered this information be readily available. Again.. all it takes is a little search engine time. Not even all that much. There have been people reporting these excesses for a couple of years now. Just type in the words pension jackpot!

From Inside Bay Area last year.

"More than two years after state Supreme Court Justice Ronald George authored a 7-0 ruling stating that the salaries of all government employees are public record, some local governments still refuse to quickly release data. The city of Alameda took more than two months to release information on all of its 2008 employees and would not perform calculations to make the data easier for the public to understand. Albany refused to make similar calculations on overtime pay and bonuses."

Or just type the word pension into my site. It will at least get them started.


  1. Yeah, but isn't your state the one where the state controller told your theatrical governor that he couldn't reduce the state employees' salaries to the minimum wage because the computer system was too stupid to handle something as complicated as changing employees' salaries?

    So, be fair. You're really asking a lot of people who are making only six-digit salaries. Imagine what people like that could make on Wall St.!

    Oh, and as an interested observer from afar, Keyser is curious to know the truth about your frequent claims that people are really pissed. There seems to be no substantive sign of this elsewhere. Do you really think this will lead to some changes in November? Or is it a lot of undirected frustration, and they'll just reelect the same idiots the way they usually do?

  2. Off topic. On Twitter you say: "Hoping I dont become a twitter adict since Im now on an htc pro cell." Seems your wish came true, since that's your sole tweet, back on 9/10 last year!

  3. Oh! And you know what is even more annoying about that? If it were a raise - I bet the computer system could handle that juuuuust fine.

    See the problem isn't so much we vote the same people in. It's that we don't get anyone good in the first place. For shits sakes. Jerry Brown, who all of a sudden says - oh, let me sue them. The people in Bell. Which is really what he says all the time. He actually effing sued the city next to me during the height of the meltdown because they didn't have enough affordable housing. Never mind there was plenty right next door. They'd actually over built. And Meg "I love Van Jones" Whitman.

    It makes me want to jab straws into my eyes.

    I do think people are really really angry. Why else do you think President Vagina had to go on the view? Jobs are his #1 priority you know. Let me be clear.

  4. That is funny. You are stalking my tweets? Or non tweets. I should Pmail you and let you stalk Mr S.


    I don't find twitter very satisfying. I am an addict. Just reading though.

    Now people tell you where they are every second of the day. All I can think is - oh thank gawd. Now I can avoid these people.