Thursday, July 15, 2010

I don't know why I even make titles because they never describe my posts anyway.

I am not gonna lie. I'm just phoning it in today. It is hot. Which I have no business complaining about. It has been mild so far this year.

Things I thought were funny this morning are no longer funny. Or interesting.

Pictures I have from the last two weeks with my drive being all messed up, don't really look the way I want them to.

There is even a better side to this heart, but the picture I took sucks.

I can't be entertaining all the time. Or even mostly.

Maybe I'll download the Flip software and see if there is anything on my Flipcam. I'm still reloading software.

Did I ever mention that the terms of service for the flipcam software makes me agree not to harass people? I mean, I'm generally for that. I still don't think it belongs in a TOS. Next they will make me agree to not use bad words.

At least you got a heart from me today. You're welcome. Man, this all sounds shittier in text than in my head. I'm just not entertained right now.


  1. I think it was Glenn whats-his-name (I really can't remember right now. It's hot up here on the Palouse too) at Instapundit who said that all or almost all of the electronic cameras have that you can only use the camera for "personal use." Even big expensive commercial grade cameras apparently have that provision in the TOS.


  2. The older I get - the more I can't figure out why old people move to the heat. A tiny Alaskan Village right now, seems about right for me.

    If only putting things in a TOS could prevent deviant behaviour. I already thought there were laws about that though.