Friday, July 09, 2010

Closer....little closer.

When I got up this morning, almost all the lights on my modem were out. I call out to Mr S.

Sooooo... are we just completely off the net this morning?

Him - I don't know.

He'd just gotten up too. Then I saw the modem was cycling. I had a truck coming to my house this morning. So, I figured they flushed the connection so the tech could make sure everything was clean on their side. Then he could blame everything on my side. Namely my modem.

My connection got vastly better.

I really like the truck techs. The minute they walk into the office they can see it isn't an ordinary AOL style call. It cuts through one level of bullshit right away. You just don't normally walk into a house that has a data closet. It immediately signals them that it might be more than the basics. Not that techies don't make idiot mistakes. We do.

He did find that the connection at the house was corroded. If you just talk to them a little you can glean a lot of information they don't just volunteer. He said they are suppose to change those things out like every 3 years. Good to know. It does make sense. The sprinklers hit the outside box.

I did have some data "ingress" at one of my outlets. At the TV. But, it's really nothing I can do about it. When I rip the area out, I will have to fix it. Until I'm able to do that.. it stays like it is. As its behind a wall. You can't easily re-run the wires. It's been like that for a few years. But, he was insistent on doing something about it. Apparently that kind of data loss interferes with airplane traffic? I'm guessing the FCC has some special hardcore rule they have to abide by.

He just wanted to run an external coax, but I refused. I have to keep the cables to a minimum around here. It's a constant battle. Finally he relented and put a filter on it.

So, whatever they did at the home office fixed most of it, and he cleaned up all the rest of the data leakage.

When I get a little more energy, I'm going to try Vonage and see if they piss me off less. To at least pry some of these features away from Comcast's grip.

Seems like I do this every six months, and "the other guys" piss me off right at phone contact. They loose a sale each and every time. And Comcast wins by default essentially. Some day they will learn how to take customers away from the bigger guys.

Tomorrow I have to devote the whole day to getting my drive thing handled. So probably nothing exciting. But, ya never know.


  1. I just know that the inside of your walls look like this.

  2. Hahahah. I think I worked at that place.