Friday, July 16, 2010

Steve Jobs to the world.....

"You ungrateful little bitches! Don't you see how much I've done for you"?

I don't know. I'm slightly amused by the whole iPhone thing. I mean. This is classic Steve. I'm just not sure if the customer has ever experienced the wrath of Steve before.

This stuff is legendary. Dating back forever. All that have worked for him, or needed to work with him - are probably chuckling a little inside. I don't know why customers thought they were so special.

I'm surprised Steve didn't just offer them a free clothes pin to stick over their lips - so they could shut the hell up.


  1. I think the whole brouhaha is pretty funny. Despite his arrogance you have to admit the mans a genius. By setting the free bumper offer to expire in sept., he's basically able to use a defect issue as a free promotion giveaway to encourage people to buy now.

  2. Yeah. Okay. I guess I admit it. It's really hard to reinvent yourself. So many in the valley just rest and think the money train will keep coming. I have to give him a lot of credit for that.

    Still - he is such an asshole. I don't even know if it is arrogance. He's just a dick.

    You have to be arrogant to exist in the CEO world. He treats his developers like shit. Always has.
    You can't argue with results I guess. Still, there was a big area where he didn't have that great of results. He was still a dick.

    Having said that, I do think the press unfairly criticizes him. Cramming all that crap into a little case. It really is phenomenal.