Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Someone thought Tron was - Awwwwwesome!

Track back to Jalopnik.

Mr S. hits Jalopnik all the time. Of course he had to point this car out to me. A neon Bugatti. That does 258MPH. What? You don't want to drive 258? Pussy.

I mean, you know this car is going to make me smile.

What even made me happier? I'm gonna see this car in person. At the Pebble Beach Concours. I already purchased my tickets a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if the Govenator will be there. I mean - what else does he really got going?

From Last Year.


Kim said...

Hopefully there will be a LightCycle there too!

she said: said...

Hey. Look at you! I didn't even think that was a real thing. I totally desire to see that streaming down the freeway with a wall of light behind it. So.... bad.... ass.

Most awesome thing ever.

Kim said...

I think that somewhere between Grease and Clash of the Titans, Tron is one of my most beloved childhood movies. And, I remember my brother being awesome at the arcade games.

Can't wait for the new one to come out! EEEEE!!! Totally fangirling!

I would like to actually see it on the street. Maybe drive by this guy...
...maybe not.

she said: said...

I actually can't even wait for the new one to come out, and I wasn't that into Tron.

People change.

Still when I asked Mr S. about the Tron video games - he gave me the most intense lecture on the arcade game. He turned into that train guy I posted about a few days ago. Hahahah.

I was into different arcade games.

The Tron guy. He used to be on Jimmy Kimmel for a while. He was oddly charming. I liked him in a strange way.