Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm starting to think it will pass.

Something I have been noticing over the past few months is the lack of outrage. Outrage I tell you! And, the talk of reefer madness.

Oh, how I used to love to watch old reruns of Dragnet. "You are pretty high and far out - aren't you"?

Oakland says - We are going to have warehouses full of pot. Full I tell you! And the only complaint is - Hey man... don't Walmart our pot. All of a sudden mom and pop pot shops are legit, and these big warehouses are going to put them out of business. The lack of complaining is almost like the whole thing is a forgone conclusion.

I mean, think about it - these pot warehouses are going to eat a ton of power. And the city is just okay with that. Every other week I see a class on how to run a pot business. The banks are starting to be okay with pot money. For business use only. Of course.

I say it goes legal. Mark this day on the calendar.


  1. I love old Dragnet shows. Your quote sounds like it's from one of the late '60s episodes...

    The question, Mrs. S, is how are they going to pay for it? And I know! Last week, my wife got a call from a bank that has one of her credit cards asking about a suspicious/unusual transaction. (And seeing as how the old card had expired and she hadn't yet activated the new card, i think ALL transactions might be suspicious...)

    Anyway, the bank faxed us a list of the suspicious charges.

    Three charges.
    All to the same place.
    Description was for "Professional goods/services"
    Bing the name and it comes up as a supplier of "medical marihuana" in the Sacto area.
    And we live in Wash. State.

    Yup, I THINK they were suspicious charges too.


  2. They who? Looks like - with your credit card!

    Juuust kidding. Settle down. ;)

    I suppose they will pay for it the same way they are paying for it right now. Or as security guards - guarding pot warehouses.

    Was Dragnet still black and white in the late 60's? Because those were the best ones. I think.