Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A job for Moores Law.

You know, with people buying computers that basically meet their needs as far as speed - there hasn't been that much for Moore's Law to do lately. I'm here to give the law a purpose again. I'm a helper.

On the 4th of July I walked up to my machine and realized I had contracted that virus that tries to trick you into buying their virus protector. It is a pretty pervasive bug. This is my second time around with it. So I knew immediately that I was infected. Plus, I'd just updated my virus protection a couple of days before. I even blogged it.

I was a little surprised. I had been pretty comfortable with my virus software. Until that point.

Previously - It seemed to me that one drive we fixed by mounting it on another computer and running a virus scan. One drive we had to wipe. Since these drives were mirrored. Well...I had two drives with a virus.

So, we mounted it on the laptop. Scanned it. Which actually made it bootable. But still not completely usable. I guess this virus over writes some registry stuff. So I'm going to have to do a clean install after all. That isn't the big issue though.

These terabyte drives are. We have reached a point where they are impossible to back up. A point I already understood I reached a long time ago. What the real issue is - transfer speeds on cloning and mirroring.

When you have a terabyte drive? You have a lot of data. You don't buy them for chuckles. And I haven't even started saving video yet. Transferring this data will eat up a few days of your time.

If they are going to make these drives - they really should advance the speed at which you can move the data from it. In bulk.

I mean, Mr S. just installed Paint Shop Pro, and it was a 3 gig install. So, it doesn't look like companies are going to moderate the size of their programs. And just let me have a minute in the "way back" machine for a second. When drives were really small - it used to be a big thing that you had to make programs compact. Now they just throw caution to the wind.

So, I'm "up-ish". But, probably won't be operating at full speed for a few more days. This stuff takes time. Which sucks. I have a bunch of posts to get out, and if many more days go by - they won't be interesting any more.

I do have to give a plug for this little device though. It is like the Swiss army knife of drive adapters. It let Mr S. mount my desktop drive to the laptop. For 20 bucks, it is the most awesome thing ever.

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