Saturday, July 24, 2010

Updated - with fire.

The lack of crime in a savage recession has been interesting. Also interesting? The lack of fires. By this time of year there are always a couple of really big fires. The sky is always this smokey red. Great for taking pictures of at sunset.

Not so great if you love breathing. It's a trade off.

My deck has a pretty good view, and the smoke always blows over the mountains. You can sometimes see the smoke trail as far as Monterey. The ones from the Valley are almost always visible.

A few years ago I remember being pissed at the govenator for not hedging fuel for the firefighting planes. The year when gas hit 4.50 a gallon. California was paying market prices, and that year our state was burning to the ground. The planes were in the air all the time.

So, it has stood out how little fire activity we have had. I mean, it's good. Just different from most other years I can remember.

While driving through San Jose today - we could see the tell tale plume of smoke. And were surprised to find out it was right along the freeway.

If you have absolutely nothing going on - you can burn a couple of minutes watching the vid. It's pretty boring. But, hey - it's another opportunity to hear what I sound like.

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