Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bored - already.

I can't believe it's Thursday, and I'm just now getting posts out from the weekend. I took these pictures, so.... I'm posting them.

Trains aren't my thing, but the little cities were sort of interesting. At one point Mr S. walks up to me.

Him - you see that guy over there?

Me - (looking around) Ummmmm. Yeah?

Him - He just gave his wife the most intense lecture about trains I've ever seen.

You can see from how close this guy was to the window that Mr S. was not shitting at all. He then became on my radar. He hunted down one of the conductors and started telling him how they had done things all wrong.

It was clear they'd done some of it on purpose. One train had plane wings. It was a joke. He captured my interest for about a minute. Intense people are interesting to some degree.

The only other interesting thing that happened at the fair was - we got our teeth bleached. There was this guy with a bunch of the UV light machines. It was 50 bucks for 15 minutes. But because they weren't packed they let us sit for a half an hour.

It wasn't as conscientious as the dentist, where they try to keep it off your gums. But, deflation isn't all bad. Last time I paid 800 bucks for us to have them done. For a touch up, 100 bucks for the both of us was a deal. I've been drinking coffee with a straw now for a few years. So, they weren't too bad.

I did wind up with a bit of a chemical burn on my gums. After a couple of days I was fine though. No big deal. I'd do it again. Hell, I'd go every year for 50 bucks.

I love enterprising individuals.

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  1. He's probably the sort of person who, if he were into computers, would stay up all night because someone was wrong on the internet!