Sunday, July 04, 2010

Still independent. At least for a little while.

Last year we'd come up with the bright idea of watching the fireworks from the roof. The city sets them off maybe 15 blocks from my place. But, there are a ton of trees. So we figured the roof was the way to go.

I was pretty self conscience about it, and we wound up getting up there after dark. So the neighbors wouldn't notice so much.

This is were I found out I was extremely afraid of heights. I mean, I'm sort of wigged out normally about heights - but, I overcome it. And, I've been on my roof tons of times in the daylight. I'm completely fine. At night though. Whole nuther level. So, I wound up hugging the roof line last year. I couldn't even get to the point of sitting. I just laid on my stomach.

This year I figured we would get up there before dark. And, we did. Staked out a spot on the apex. This is the second floor roof. So - about 20 feet up.

I was fine when it was light, but as it grew darker and darker I could feel myself becoming more afraid of the height. I'd feel a little wobbly.

After we got down - Mr S. laughed saying he could tell I was having issues because when I first got up there I was pretty confident, but he could see as it got darker I started shrinking. I just had to fight the urge to hug the roof.

Which is funny. I mean - I made it down didn't I? Everybody lived.

The neighbors were all pooled in their front yard, and I kinda thought they might be there waiting for the screaming. Personally, I would have been placing bets if I saw my neighbors doing that. Who gets on their roof in the middle of the night. Especially a 2 story roof? On a ladder? I don't even have a light on that side of the house.

I guess all that is left now is night time rock climbing. It's the only logical thing to do.

Enjoy Independence Day this year. Who knows how long we will have it. My city probably won't even have a fireworks show next year. For the first time since I've lived here. It's sad really.

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