Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So - that is where all the hot cars are hiding.

I'm not gonna lie. Sleep has been really hard this week. All day I just want to take a nap, but don't for fear I won't sleep that night. Only to not sleep anyway. This is why my blog is sucking more than normal.

This weekend we went to a car show in Saratoga. Which I was absolutely convinced I was going to hate. I actually told Mr S. - I know this show is going to piss me off. They billed it as "classics". But, listed VW Beetles and other odd assortment of crap.

I was still driving a VW in my 20's! How is that a classic? And anyway - Saratoga is sort of an old money town, and I figured by "classic" they meant "eccentric". Like Trabant. The kind of car you say - you shoved this thing in your garage for what reason?

The cars were okay. Until we hit this Aston Martin. Then I got the bright idea. Hey - this is Saratoga. They probably have bad ass cars just parked on the street. Which is how I got the Ferrari and the Aston parked right opposite each other. They had nothing to do with the show.

The show actually had a Bugatti, but they wanted to keep people from putting their grubby hands on it, and had it tightly roped off. I figured - screw that. In a couple of weeks I'll be at a place that people are so rich, they would think these people in Saratoga are peasants. They still have to work for their money.

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