Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do not recognize.

Today is one of those days that is going so well, it sort of freaks me out.

No - I can't just enjoy it. (Said sarcastically.)

Mr S. wakes me up, and tells me the market is up 150. Meh. Those gyrations are meaningless these days. Oh, and his sister got a job. It's amazing what happens when unemployment runs out, he says.

I don't know how long she's been collecting, but it's been at least a year. Self admittedly, she'd turned stuff down that wasn't desirable to her. Now magically there are jobs open. Not judging! Only because I don't have siblings to harsh on. Well, maybe just a little, because I'm betting pretty much knows someone who has been doing this. Turns out a lot of people can live on the income their significant other provides. Along with unemployment.

Then notice my renter has slipped the rent money under the door. Yeah, it's late. My expectations have been lowered enough that it doesn't phase me. This month my roofer has been in my house two years. Feels like a lifetime. Still, you never learn stuff in the good times. At least - not as deeply as you do when things suck. When the economy improves I'm convinced I'd do some of it differently.

Intel beats, on what actually looks like good sales. Which is a relief for all those who derive livelihoods from technology.

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